Do you have set pricing?

In short, there is a standard rate for crushing your garbage, but it does vary depending on where you are located.  

However, one thing we can guarantee is that it will save you money to have us reduce the number of times you need to have your bins emptied.

You can either email, call, or arrange a free crushing and we’ll figure out the exact cost for your area.

Can I see a demonstration?

Yes, we offer free demos for all of our new clients. Book yours today


Will my waste company allow me to use Bin Masters services?

You can do what you want with your garbage, including having us crush it to reduce the number of times you need to have your bin emptied.

Do you offer any discounts on bulk services?

Yes, we offer price reductions for multiple bookings. Please contact us directly for more information.

What hours do you crush?

We are not limited to 9am-5pm workdays. Contact us today to see how we can cater to your schedule.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We work around the clock to ensure you receive the service you need. We always do our best to accommodate your requirements and crush your bin as quickly as possible.

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