About Us

Bin Masters

You already know what we do.  We take a full bin of garbage and turn it into a less full bin of garbage.

What you may not know is how we got started.

In short, a franchise lawyer, an accountant, a businessman, and an established equipment manufacturer had a conversation and realized that not only was there a much needed service not being provided in Canada, but that we could also help the environment in the process.


Basically, by reducing the number of times large trucks need to be on the road, and certain other elements of the processing of trash, global emission are reduced and the earth is a little bit greener as a result.

We believe the entire trash industry should make more significant steps towards improving the state of the environment, but at least we can offer this small contribution for now.

Finally, we kind of like crushing things… so there’s that.


What we do:


We crush the garbage in your bin so you don't have to pay to have it emptied as often


This saves you money


And reduces emissions significantly as there are fewer trucks on the road

Provinces served


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